Due to the increase in difficulty when it comes to entering Legacy or even maintaining a collection, Bazaar of Boxes has decided to fully allow proxies at the Bazaar of Boxes Series. We do however maintain a few guidelines and rules pertaining to proxies:

  • We require actual proxies, so that means no small paper slips with just the card name written onto it
  • There is no (no-no-no) limit to the maximum amount of proxies you can use. So, reach for the sky!
  • You can use real Magic cards and proxies in the same deck
  • Make sure your proxies are the same size as actual Magic cards. For reference: a Magic card is 88.9mm by 63.5mm
  • Proxies have to be in full color, matching the original colors of the card you’re proxying. So, no black and white Volcanic Islands
  • Printed proxy papers have to be added to a perfect-fit-sleeved-Magic card, then sleeved with regular sleeves. You could use a tiny bit of adhesive (glue stick) to make sure the proxy paper has no way to move around
  • If you’re using a combination of proxies and real Magic cards, you will always double sleeve your entire deck
  • The main rule of thumb is: make sure your proxies are recognizable from a distance
  • If you have any doubts in regards to your proxies, please don’t hesitate to approach one of our judges!

These proxies weren’t allowed because of obvious reasons, bonus points for trying, though!

This wasn’t allowed due to the potential for marked cards, seeing as some proxies were sticking out of the sleeves.

Where can I find a website to make proxies?
● https://mtgprint.cardtrader.com/

Both MTG print and ScryFall will do just fine in terms of finding your proxies. MTGprint will be the most straightforward one out of the two. For the appropriate size we recommend scaling between 100-105%.

When using MTG Print or ScryFall, be sure to select an actual existing paper art version of the card. So, no Magic Online exclusive versions or other non-paper promos.

After-Market Proxies & WCD/CE/IE cards policy
We don’t allow after-market proxies (or ‘Chinese fakes’). Neither do we allow CE or IE cards due to the squared edges. We do allow WCD (World Championship Deck) and 30th Anniversary Edition.

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